Monday, June 14, 2010

Mash up

As the emboldened leader of Europe's most populous nation and most powerful economy, Merkel has the ability to make her personality and priorities count on a global stage.When Helen’s responsiveness to bitter social deprivation later took on a worldly strength, leading her to socialism, and even to unpopular Bolshevik sympathies, Annie would have no part of it, and worried that Helen had gone too far.BENEATH the glamorous exterior, the life of supermodel Miranda Kerr isn't quite the fairytale existence.Her rise to prominence went all but unnoticed, except by the rivals she deftly derailed along the way.At Radcliffe, Helen became a writer. Charles Townsend Copeland had encouraged her “to make my own observations and describe the experiences peculiarly my own. Henceforth I am resolved to be myself, to live my own life and write my own thoughts.”She was also constantly pushing for more and better programs, products and technologies for the disabled. She also visited 35 countries, helping to open schools and revolutionize services for the blind. Kerr still vehemently denies the claims."I am healthy and I'm really passionate about filling my body with nutrients and I'm passionate about health. " "You could certainly say that I've never underestimated myself, there's nothing wrong with being ambitious."

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Helen Keller
Miranda Kerr:

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