Monday, June 14, 2010


the keys are:" l "then "o " for the first elevator and "u" for the second one. I got trouble when the elevator coming back which it suddenly appeared to the origin when it reached the point, so I delete the path of the elevator coming back process, it should have come back in the same way

The semisphere elevator is for Helen Keller as she has disability, so it would be easier for her to use a simple elevator, the office which looks secure and safe shows her strength in life as she has a power of firm and insisting. The idea of Miranda Kerr's elevator comes from her profession and her power in my opinion is her charm, so her office would look fashionable. The dining table is made up with two parts: the glass umbrella shape which can prevent the sunshine and the bottom part shows the complexity of power which is a mixture of both clients' feature.

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